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Information for Professor Rudmann’s Prospective Students:

What You Should Do If The Class You Want To Take Is Full


Dear Students,

I appreciate your interest in taking one of my classes.  The demand for classes has grown enormously over the last few years as a direct result of California’s budget crisis, and you may be facing a situation in which the class you need has no available seats.



If you wish to petition one of my closed classes, you should put your name on the waitlist for the class.  (Note:  This information is for my classes.  Not all IVC instructors use the waitlist system.)  When a registered student drops in the period leading up to the first day of class, the student at the top of the waitlist will receive an Add Permit Code by email that is valid for 24 hours.  If the student does not add the class within 24 hours, the next student on the waitlist will be given that opportunity.


Some registered students do not show up on the first day of class.  If that happens I will give the available seats to students on the waitlist who are present in the order in which their names appear.  (Online courses do not meet.  See special note below.)


Special note for online classes

If you are on the waitlist for my online US History courses, I will email you by Wednesday, August 20, if I am able to offer you a seat in the class. Honestly, you should make other plans, as openings in online courses are rare.


I wish you luck in getting the class you want.


Prof. Rudmann





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Learning Outcomes (Or what we really hope students take away from the course in addition to historical knowledge):

  1. Students will learn and apply the ability to critically analyze  a primary source document and will:
  • Discover the larger context surrounding the document,
  • Examine the author’s purpose (possibly bias)  in writing the document,
  • Develop a Thesis that will argue the findings of a & b.

2. Students will be able to utilize an argumentative thesis to write a historical analysis:

  • Properly format the analysis into an Introduction, Body and Conclusion that supports the thesis,
  • Properly cite all information gleaned from appropriate sources using footnotes, endnotes or in-paper citations,
  • Use appropriate grammar for a formal analysis.

3. Students will be able to identify the elements of transition from one major era of U.S. History to another.

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As of this moment, no Summer Online History courses are planned, due to budgetary restrictions.

No Summer Courses

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