Class Assignment:

Translate the text of a pro-secession or anti-secession style document handed out in class into a modern social media style post. This is a group project, and can be done via a student’s laptop or via computer on campus.

Styles of social media posts can be:

1. A short series of Twitter posts that properly draw the reader in (each post can be no more than 145 characters. Links to something appropriate, an image or document that represents the issues of 1860, are fine, but not necessary).

2. A political Meme, such as the style seen on Facebook (paste it as a post on this page).

3. A “Facebook” conversation that starts with a rant-post and has a few replies that argue the main point. (Use Fakebook, screenshot & then post the image to this blog)

4. A Buzz-feed style article. Extra-credit for an article that is full of annoying, 1860 style advertisements.

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