Info for History Online Classes @ IVC:

All students will be receiving an e-mail the week before classes start with Orientation instructions. Be sure to check your IVC e-mail for any important information throughout the semester, and definitely the days leading up to the start of classes!

About Petitioning the classes (History 20 or 21)

The legal limit for IVC classes is 54 persons. E-mails sent to brudmann1 will result in a name of a petitioner being placed on the waiting list. Typically, this list fills up by mid November (for the Spring Semester) and late July (for the Fall Semester). Students will receive e-mails with add-code offers by the first week of August (for Fall) and the second week of December (for Spring). By the August/December, all available spots are always full.

Students that do not respond to add-code offers within a week of their e-mail will have their spot filled by another petitioner. No adds will be permitted after classes start.

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Learning Outcomes (Or what we really hope students take away from the course in addition to historical knowledge):

  1. Students will learn and apply the ability to critically analyze  a primary source document and will:
  • Discover the larger context surrounding the document,
  • Examine the author’s purpose (possibly bias)  in writing the document,
  • Develop a Thesis that will argue the findings of a & b.

2. Students will be able to utilize an argumentative thesis to write a historical analysis:

  • Properly format the analysis into an Introduction, Body and Conclusion that supports the thesis,
  • Properly cite all information gleaned from appropriate sources using footnotes, endnotes or in-paper citations,
  • Use appropriate grammar for a formal analysis.

3. Students will be able to identify the elements of transition from one major era of U.S. History to another.

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As of this moment, no Summer Online History courses are planned, due to budgetary restrictions.

No Summer Courses

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